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Re: [IP] Bent Cannula w/ Backside Use

> From: Michael <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Bent Cannula w/ Backside Use
> Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 7:16 PM
> > They start to hurt after less than a day, my BGs go up, and when I
> > pull the set, I usually find that the tip of the cannula is bent at
> > a right angle.

> Hmmm.... you didn't say what kind of set. I'll assume you mean 
> Sil/Tender/Comfort sets.  Maybe you are inserting too deep. > 
> If you're using SofSets in back, you might want to get samples of the 
> Sils/Tenders/Comfort sets and give them a try. My daughter recently 
> switched to using them entirely, both back and front.
Oops.  Since I switched to Sils (several months after my pump start in May
I hardly even think about there being another kind!  Yes, I use these

Okay, we will try a shallower insertion angle.  We had been trying a larger
thinking that maybe we were already too shallow . . .  I do know that the
most recent 
insertions have hurt more during the actual insertion.  I always used to
use an ice pack 
to numb the intended site, but suddenly reached a point with my tummy where
the insertion
didn't seem to hurt anymore.  Definitely back to the ice with the large
angle in hip.

Does the kink result from the cannula bumping against muscle?  Or from the
greater degree of curvature and/or the pressure of sitting and sleeping on
the set?
Or is it impossible to say which might be causing the problem?  I have
noticed that if 
my pants catch on the site or if I lie (or roll) on it in certain ways in
bed, it hurts quite 
a bit, and then seems to stay sore.

Laurel Sedgwick
IDDM, DXed 12/'74, MM507

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