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[IP] re: driving

Hi Natalie,

Good points. But my arms (triceps) problems affect me when I am lifting my arms over my head--steering wheel is fine.  And the wheel itself is thick--easy to hang onto (I have much more problem turning pages!--or turning the key in the lock). My reflexes have always been (and remain) quite good--I've never had problems not seeing things coming from the side of the road--cars that are behind me (just behind me) are a problem, and that's why I'm careful with lane changes.  Haven't had an accident in 30 years of driving, and no different in the last three.

Probably best to email me individually if you want to respond, since we're a bit off the topic of insulin pumps/diabetes!  My basic point for writing was to encourage those who have diabetic complications that they can still do lots of things.



Hi, Todd,

I'm a bit concerned about your driving. If you tend to bump into people
when walking, because of narrowed peripheral vision, what about
unexpected things that may dart into the road when you're behind the
wheel? What about a car suddenly coming out of a driveway, not to speak
of a child chasing a ball? Plus, if your hands and arms are weak, do you
have the strength to swerve suddenly if you DO see these things in time
to avert them?