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[IP] butt sites

Hi Julie,
I have just recently, actually 3 set changes ago, started using my butt/hip
area, and I LOVE IT!!!!  Its a lot better absorption, since I have never
used these areas before, and there is no pain.  This morning I changed sites
and put this one in a little more toward the middle, about mid way between
my outer ....well, cheek, and ....well, you know, :))  anyway, it was a bit
hard to see what in the world I was doing, as I used my right side of butt,,
and I am blind in my right eye, so I twisted around like a twister bird and
wow, my shoulder hurt more than anything!!  But I have no problem laying on
it, and I use the sof sets too, so the button still is there.  So far so
good, and I wish you the same, good luck!
PS  I forgot to take my old site out this AM, I meant to, but had just
bolussed for breakfast, then changed after my shower, so left old one in for
a while, got dressed and went to office, with 2 sites in!!  I felt silly, I
got home and said to Ken (hubby), gee I have 2 sites in!  We got a laugh out
of it.
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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