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Re: [IP] Bent Cannula w/ Backside Use

> They start to hurt after less than a day, my BGs go up, and when I
> pull the set, I usually find that the tip of the cannula is bent at
> a right angle.
Hmmm.... you didn't say what kind of set. I'll assume you mean 
Sil/Tender/Comfort sets.  Maybe you are inserting too deep. The 
instructions say 30 degrees or more, but in practice, my daughter 
uses maybe half of that. She's 5'2' or 3 (still growing) 125# -- just 
a tiny bit smaller than my wife so this is not a kid vs adult size 

If you're using SofSets in back, you might want to get samples of the 
Sils/Tenders/Comfort sets and give them a try. My daughter recently 
switched to using them entirely, both back and front.

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