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Dear Itchie People, 

I don't know if this will be any help but her goes.  I started breaking out 
several months ago and it would itch and looked like posion ivy.  I would 
press on the little eruptions and they would drain and not itch anymore.  So 
when I went to my Dr. I asked what it was .  He said I was eczema, caused dry 
skin.  OK I didn't believe it so I mada an app. with skin guy.  He said the 
same thing.  He gave me Diprolene it is a steroid but he said I would only 
use it to heal up the little break outs.  Hasn't hurt my bs.  Then he said to 
get this really greesy stuff and use it twice a day.  It is called Ulta and 
you can get it at the drugstore.  Mine had it behind the counter but it is 
not a prescription.

I've been using it a week now My skin is cleared up and not itching.  Don't 
know if I'll have to always use it or what.  I go back to him in two weeks.  
I noticed someone mention Eucerin.  I thought that would do it , but it was 
not enough the skin guy said.  I thought it was my saop, my deordant, my skin 
cream, my laundry det. my dog, my partner, my ivpreps, my meds, my infusion 
sets name it and I thought maybe if I quite that thing the rash would go 
away.  I even quit eating wheat.
I even thought it was the humalog.  I hope this guy has the answer for me. 

Hope you all have some luck too that is such a b---- to itch all the time.

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