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[IP] Bent Cannula w/ Backside Use

Hi, All:

I am mostly a lurker.  I wrote most recently about my sore shoulder, for
which I have started to receive accupuncture.  (Too early to comment much,
but I will try to post the results.)

I have a problem which I'm sure many others have.  I have only so many
sites on my stomach, and then it is sore and needs a break.  
My husband is willing and able to help me with set insertion in the
hip/butt, but when we do that, it seems like the sets do not last.  They
start to hurt after less than a day, my BGs go up, and when I pull the set,
I usually find that the tip of the cannula is bent at a right angle.

Any advice appreciated.  I'd really like to use the hip/butt (really NEED
to), but not sure how to overcome this problem.  Does one angle work better
than others.  I'm not fat, but I'm fairly well-padded back there.

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