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[IP] blocked site or ??? No alarm-What is going on???

Hi Everyone,  I had a bad day yesterday.  Changed my site on Monday at
supper time.  By 9:30 my blood sugar was super high and I spent the
night chasing it with boluses to no avail.  Tuesday the same thing with
sugars running around 350.  I started to think maybe my insulin was out
of date.  But when I checked  I had just started a new bottle about a
week ago.  There was no evidence of clouding or anything. Finally
decided to inject some insulin to see if that might correct things.
After two injections, my sugars came down somewhat.  Then I realized
that  my body probably hadn't been receiving any insulin since Monday
night so I should have corrected for all that missed basal.
I changed my site as I didn't know what else to do.There had been no
alarm from the pump and the site looked completely normal.  There was no
blood at the site when I removed it and I even looked at the cannula
with a magnifying glass but nothing obvious.  I confirmed that the pump
was delivering insulin by priming a bolus and drops of insulin did come
out of the cannula.  I just don't understand what went wrong.   The site
looked fine-no redness or swelling.  There was no evidence of leaking or
crimping.  So I'm not sure why I wasn't getting any insulin.   It took
until 3:30 AM for my blood sugar to eventually come down. I think it
helped when I thought of increasing my basal for a while.  Has anyone
else had this happen?  What could have gone wrong?
How long does it take to replenish the basal circulating in the body?
Although I was normal this AM, I've jumped up again by lunch.  It is
worrisome to not understand the cause for this.  Any ideas?  Thanks for
your help.  Marilyn
PS:  I'd appreciate if you could email me directly with your responses
as I am quite troubled by the situation. My address is
email @ redacted            Thanks so much.

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