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Generex Biotechnology Releases Additional Data On Oralin(TM) Clinical Trials 
Of Oral Insulin Formulation

    TORONTO, May 20 /CNW/ -- Generex Biotechnology Corporation ("the
Company") (OTC Bulletin Board: GNBTD) today released additional data on tests
of the Company's oral insulin formulation recently conducted in Toronto by Dr.
Marko Mihic, in association with St. Joseph's Health Centre, and by Dr. Arthur
Krosnick at AMP Diabetes Research and Educational Center in Princeton, N.J.
    The Company announced in March that Dr. Mihic's tests had demonstrated
that the Company's bucally-administered insulin formulation (ORALIN(TM) in
Canada and ORALGEN(TM) in the United States) controls post-prandial
hyperglycemia in a manner comparable to injected insulin.  At a press
conference hosted by St. Joseph's Medical Centre in Toronto earlier this week,
Dr. Mihic stated that his preliminary test results, which involved
administration of two different dosages of ORALIN and a placebo to 11 type
2 diabetic patients, yielding over three hundred readings of blood sugar
levels and 66 readings of serum insulin and C-Peptide levels.  "These readings
showed highly statistically significant results when compared to placebo,
proving beyond any doubt the efficacy of the new oral insulin formulation,"
said Dr. Mihic.
    At the same forum, Dr. Arthur Krosnick disclosed that in tests conducted
by him with 5 type 2 diabetic patients in Princeton, N.J, he had obtained test
results comparable to those described by Dr. Mihic.  "The oral insulin
formulation does work, judging by the amount of sugar and insulin in the blood
after taking the spray," said Dr. Krosnick.  "It's a case of just working out
the correct dosage, which we are doing now." Dr. Krosnick also serves as
Chairman of Generex's Scientific Advisory Board and, among many other honors
received over a distinguished career spanning more than four decades, received
the American Diabetes Association Outstanding Physician Educator in Diabetes
Award in 1998.


Dr. Pankaj Modi, Generex Researcher, to Present Latest Oralin/Oralgen(TM) 
Clinical Results At 'Drug Delivery Systems 2000' Conference in San Francisco, 

   - Generex Principal Sponsor of the 4th Annual Drug Delivery Conference -

    TORONTO, Jan. 24 /CNW/ -- Generex Biotechnology Corporation
(OTC Bulletin Board: GNBT.OB), today announced that its Vice President of
Research and Development, Dr. Pankaj Modi, will present an abstract entitled
"Oral Insulin for the Treatment of Diabetes" at the Drug Delivery Systems 2000
Conference in San Francisco, California.  Dr. Modi will present on Tuesday,
January 25, 2000.
    Dr. Modi will discuss recent progress for ORALIN/ORALGEN(TM), Generex
Biotechnology Corporation's proprietary oral insulin formulation.  The
presentation will focus on recent clinical data obtained from trials conducted
on diabetic patients.  In these trials, the delivery of ORALIN/ORALGEN(TM) by
aerosol spray to the buccal cavity/orapharynx region resulted in plasma
insulin levels comparable to levels obtained using subcutaneously injected
insulin.  These results indicated that ORALIN/ORALGEN(TM) controlled glucose
levels significantly better than oral hypoglycemic agents.  Based on these
results, Type 2 diabetics who are poorly controlled using oral hypoglycemic
agents could potentially benefit from the use of ORALIN/ORALGEN(TM).
    Generex is now engaged in Phase II clinical trials of ORALIN/ORALGEN(TM)
in Canada and the United States and expects to begin testing in England and
Italy later this quarter

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