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[IP] micro softsets

In a message dated 02/01/2000 2:44:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  then I tried micros but if you have little fat in my experience, sils 
were better, BUT not great. I ended up using rapids, yes, it would help to 
have more fat to push the needle into, but you won't have muscles crimping 
cannulas,  >>

I'm not saying sils aren't better, because we don't have experience.  But 
Allie has "little fat" (I would not say no fat, but she has little fat).  We 
have never had a cannula bend.  We did with the ultimate, but none with the 
micros.  She sometimes has complained about the needle hurting (not during 
insertion) while she was getting it removed, but once it is out, there is no 
pain.  (my thought it the needle is probably rubbing the muscle)  Also, we 
were having problems one day while we were still on the ultimate and waiting 
for the micros, and the dr. told her to insert it at an angle (like the 
sils).  So I am assuming if you are thin that would be an option.  The thing 
I like about the soft sets is there is an inserter.
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