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Re: [IP] Addendum to Ann Arbor note

I wasn't lucky enough to have MCare insurance for the rest of my life,
however nice that might have been.  And when I graduated and changed
insurances, they went after my pump.  That is wrong, plain and simple.  I
was happy with the supplies, but the horrible battle over my pump which
resulted in over a year of stress, tears, being ignored, yelled at, etc,
etc, was not worth any amount of free supplies.  And about Dr. Lash, I did
nag him.  Regardless, it was over a half year before he wrote my letter.
I liked him as a person, but I think the priorities were a bit messed up.
He was a good pump doc overall though, but I'm happy to have Dr. Clement
at georgetown now.  Dr. Lash made my mother cry, and that will always be a
sore point.


On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, ager wrote:

> Dashed off my Ann Arbor note before seeing this one from Miranda (below). I
> disagree re Robet Lash; you just have to nag him (like any doc), and I found
> my pump education to be good, although not as excellent as this list! :)
> Second, I've been very happy with HomeMed for pump supplies (they call every
> month to see what I need and ship it instantly) and Medequip for strips
> (same deal). Both are M-care approved. Ease may depend on what sort of
> M-Care you have; we have so-called Point-of-Service.
> As for pump being leased -- who cares? I use it however I want and I suppose
> they'll get it back when I die! Doubt my heirs will care. :)

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