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[IP] Driving

Todd Beall wrote:
> I think I have adjusted quite well, with minimum day-to-day living
> consequences.  I don't drive anywhere at night that I'm unfamiliar with, but I
> do drive at night to familiar places.  I tended to walk fast, and now walk a
> bit slower because I can't see a person to my right or left! (it's easy to
> bump into people!). In driving, I never change lanes without actually turning
> my head to look, after checking the rear view mirror. I'm careful going up and
> down stairs (depth of vision problem), and am temporarily blinded when 
> going from daylight into a darker place--but I'm used to that now.

Hi, Todd,

I'm a bit concerned about your driving. If you tend to bump into people
when walking, because of narrowed peripheral vision, what about
unexpected things that may dart into the road when you're behind the
wheel? What about a car suddenly coming out of a driveway, not to speak
of a child chasing a ball? Plus, if your hands and arms are weak, do you
have the strength to swerve suddenly if you DO see these things in time
to avert them?  

Have you ever been evaluated by a low-vision rehabilitation specialist?
Do you have a device to  help with the handling of the steering wheel? 

I know that driving is an important independence issue, but I also think
safety comes first, both for you AND those around you.

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