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Re: [IP] yet another basal question!?-- to Michael

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000 email @ redacted wrote:

> Michael- my apologies for posting looking for advice. I am just lost, Ive 
> read Pumping Insulin and have spoken to my Dr. I have no CDE and there isnt 
> one support group in my area nor in the vicinity. I tried to do what the book 
> said and it isnt working. This is why I posted a question about basals. Just 
> to get some ones opinion or experience.

No apologies necessary, everyone is here to help. Just don't ask for 
medical advise unless it's from a doc. You can ask what others do and what 
work's for them. I suggest that you read up on how to adjust basal rates 
in Pumping Insulin and the HOWTO's then bug the heck out of your CDE until 
you're sure you understand the mechanisms involved in the "management balancing 
act". There are plenty of folks who are willing to make suggestions, but 
you and your medical team are the ones who must make the "decisions".
The question you asked is not really answerable with the limited data 
that you presented along with it. A comprehensive data set extracted from 
several days of basal testing scattered over a week or more would provide 
a good basis for adjusting basals for you and your physician. Doing this 
can be quite difficult simply because of odd things that happen in the 
normal course of living day to day. I remember one period where it took a 
whole month to collect good data just for Lily's night time basals. 
Something always seemed to come up that kept us from collecting the 
information. I'm confident that if you keep the records and follow the 
guidlines in Pumping Insulin or in the on-line HOWTO's, your question 
will be easy to answer -- and you may answer it yourself. There is also a 
simulation tool on the web site HOWTO page that will give you an estimate of 
what changing basal rates can do. It's only a model, but does provide 
reasonable estimates.

Keep asking questions.

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