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Re: [IP] Re: Medical advice

>I am not arguing with your previous statements.
>I was reflecting on messages that are in various lists (including this
>one).  There are more than a few messages that appear to be "direction" and
>have no reference to the personal experience.
>And at times, "attempting" to convince someone to change their (personal)
>decision, may be very close to medical...
>"I do this" and "do this" have very different implications...
>Getting philosophical again,
>Jim S.
>email @ redacted

I think the main thing we are saying is not to say  " try to change your 
basal from 1.2 to 1.4 at 5 pm"  or something like that.  telling someone to 
try the pump is a tip because you can't get one without a Dr. but you can 
change your basals and such on your own and if you go by what someone else 
says that is where the line has been crossed.


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