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Ami and others interestested in DM and a twin pregnancy,
   First of all I did not use the pump during any of my pregnancies.  It would have made the
process so much better.  Anyhow with lots of hypo's but A1c's in the low 6's and 5's I was
successful. I would not wish a twin pregnancy on anyone with DM.  I don't know who was more
scared or cautious- me or the doctors.  Anyway my boys were borr at 39 weeks with no real
complications.  (one was a little jaundiced)  They weighed in at 7lbs 1 oz and 8lbs. 4 ozs.
They are now 3 years old. I went on the pump when I was attempting to nurse them both and
again had numbers all over the place, depending on how they nursed. I would love to talk
privately if you have anymre questions.  By the way there was another pumper here awhile back
that had twins.  She too did well as she wore a pump during her pregnancy.Sheila


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