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[IP] Why is less insulin better??

Liz wrote:

>  Just my ignorance showing --- but why is less insulin 
> better?? Andrea's had  dropped by almost 50% from 
> 75+ to around 35 a day since starting the pump.

It isn't "better" - as long as we take the amount of insulin we need to keep 
our bg within our own personal target zones, then it doesn't matter if you 
take 20 units a day or 200...every person's needs are different, and it 
doesn't mean person A is in "better" control if he only needs 25 units in 
comparison to person B who needs 250 units.  Each person has a different 
reaction to insulin and all the other uncontrollable hormones in our body.

The fact that Andrea has dropped 50% is due most likely to the fact that you 
are probably no longer chasing highs with more insulin, and lows with more 
food, which in turn need more insulin.  Most people DO report a drop in daily 
insulin usage... when you can take .3 of a unit, rather than 1 unit, it adds 
up...I went from 40+ units per day to about 30, about a 25% decrease, and 
lost about 8 pounds in the first 2 months on the pump because I was writing 
down everything I ate, and was too embarrased to write "entire bag of Fritos" 
so I wasn't eating them at all!

Just remember YMMV and less is not always better, but it is always different. 
ON THE OTHER HAND, didn't we read some study or another recently linking an 
increase in heart problems with over-insulinating?  in this case, I would 
guess less IS better...but if less for you is 200 units per day, as opposed 
to 250, then I guess that is ok.

*-)=B xoxx~~~~[507]
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