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Re: [IP] total basal amounts-was What am I? :-)

First off, the "What am I? :-)" was not supposed to go to the list.  To put
it mildly it has been a very long day.  (Among other things, found out
today that I might only be able to get a 34 day supply of insulin and test
strips to last from June-Sept... really long story, and I think I might
have figured out a way to get a supply for the number of actual days,
thanks to going back to a handy-dandy terms of benefits booklet).  It was
supposed to be a personal reply, but I hit the wrong button.

Second, what I was refering to was the fact that MY personal, in the fairly
recent past, it has drastically changed (going from 50 units then literally
two days later using more than 70 makes me question and keeping that level
for no reason).  And it is all in my boluses as well... before when I was
using more insulin, it was always a more even split between bolus/basal (or
short term/long term).  To me, that is another "question" for me (why
aren't my basals changing, and should they?).  Yes, I've emailed my endo
this.  I just like the reassurance from anyone else that I'm not crazy for
doubting things.  Or even if I am, that I'm not alone.  Or what has worked
for them.  I have friends that don't understand why I don't have complete
faith in doctor's medical advice.  I don't think I can.  I almost wish I
could just blindly do as I'm told, but am glad I can't.   Now that I've
made absolute no sense at all, I'll go do my much neglected homework.


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