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[IP] A1C results----YES!!!!

Hi all--

I had an A1C done today at my CDE's office and it was 6.5%!  That is the
lowest I've ever had, and more importantly-- I FEEL GREAT!  The freedom to
eat WHEN and WHAT I choose, and to be able to maintain this level of
control is just wonderful.  

If anyone remembers the singer Donovan, he had a song called "I Love My
Shirt" (I think).  I've been going around all day singing,
	"I love my pump.  
	 I love my pump.  
	 My pump is so wonderfully lovely!" 

The people at work think I'm nuts--they don't understand why I'm this
excited.  But you all will smile and cheer for me--so thanks for letting me

:)  Doreen in Wyoming

(ps--yeah, Sam, I'm dating myself, too.  Hope my dear husband doesn't mind!)
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