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Re: [IP] Severe Hypoglycemia

<< Now my question is.. is there any 
other treatment for hypoglycemia (severe, chronic) than what we are told to 
do.. Watch what you eat, treat lows with carbohydrates, etc. >>


My husband suffers from this also. He does best if he eats "something"
every three hours and includes protein with every meal. My nephew also
started showing symptoms of hypos.  He started eating protein with
breakfast and at bedtime (salami sticks) and has been feeling better and
performing much better at school. 

I'm not an advocate of the low-carb diets, but I do believe that mixing
protein with carbs is essential to avoid blood sugar peaks and valleys.
One word about treating lows... start with fast-acting carbs and then
follow with a protein snack to avoid another plummet. As far as I know,
this is the best way to manage non-diabetic hypoglycemia.

Mary Jean

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