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Re: [IP] I don't know about this techinque

>last week my endo increased how much insulin I take per gram of carb.  And
>my blood sugars went higher, and would often be stubburn about coming down.


About this time last year my numbers were all over the place, & my endo kept
CUTTING BACK my NPH.  Since I was having highs a lot of the time (the
stubborn kind you describe), that made no sense to me at all...my thought
was "High numbers -> need more insulin."  When I expressed my frustration
with this (the third time he cut back my dosage), he talked me through his
firm belief that I was "overinsulinized".  While I had a hard time with this
(I'm not a doctor, & I don't play one on TV either), I trusted him enough to
keep moving in that direction...& after many months, I did see results!
When I first went to him, & was taking in the neighborhood of 60 units a
day - by the time we did my pump start, I was down to 40 units a day...&
while the numbers weren't yet ideal, there was a marked improvement.  That
was the first time I had ever heard of overinsulinization - it makes a lot
more sense to me now than it did then.

I know everyone's situation is different, but it sounds like you could be
headed for too much insulin.  Do you have any way of getting a second
opinion on this?


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