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Re: [IP] need math help with V/H mix

<< I would like to know what a 5 to 1 mix is and a 4 to 1 mix is if geneva
needs about 140-180 units per cartridge. >>


Here's how it works:

A 5:1 mix has 6 parts, 5 parts Humalog plus 1 part Velosulin.

If you want to fill your cartridge with 180 units total, then divide by 6
to get the total number of units in each part. In this case, each part has
30 units, so fill with 30 units of Velosulin first, then add 150 of Humalog
(or just fill the Humalog till you reach the 180 unit mark.)

For a 4:1 mix, there are 5 parts total.  It might be easier to fill to the
200 unit level because the each part will come out to a nice
easy-to-measure 40 units.  For a 4:1 ratio, fill with 40 units of V and
then 160 units of H for a total of 200 units.

Mary Jean

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