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[IP] Re: retinopathy


Thanks for the e-mail.  Sounds like you have "been put through it". 
This is very encouraging to me because like you I have terrible
peripheral and night vision but have to admit that I have  been scared
of permanent vision loss.  Thanks for the encouraging words.  This is
not an easy thing to go through but it is good to know someone who has
gone through a whole lot more still has hope.

Do you mind telling how it has affected your day to day living.  Because
I have pretty much quit driving at night and this gets me down at times
because I can't just jump in the car and go like I'm used to.



Todd Beall wrote:
> Hi Eileen and Janice,
> I was diagnosed with retinopathy in 1980.  Yes, it is scary, esp. the
> hemorhages (sp!).  But the key is to make sure you are with a
> retinopathy specialist.  My doctor (Dr. Schockett, formerly of the
> University of Maryland, now private) has treated me since that time, and
> has done a fabulous job.  I had proliferative retinopathy in both eyes,
> have had over 50 laser treatments, vitrectomy, sclerobuckle (Sp.) and
> cryotherapy in three major operations in both eyes.  At times my doctor
> thought that I might lose my sight completely.  But I haven't!  I have
> no peripheral vision, and horrible night vision, but I can see!
> Everything is in remission currently.
> I have taught Old Testament and Hebrew for the past 23 years, so without
> fairly good eyesight, things would be tough. I've recently had my second
> cataract surgery (I'm only 47), but that was a piece of cake compared to
> the other surgeries.  In 1980, when first diagnosed, I was 27.  My major
> problems were from 1980-1986 (27-33 yrs old).  I say that to encourage
> you that at 32 you are not alone!  Many diabetics with retinopathy have
> far fewer problems than I did, and just require some preventative laser
> treatments.  So, while yes it is scary, don't despair!  Most folks these
> days who are diagnosed early enough with retinopathy have success
> stories like mine or better.
> Please feel free to email me with any problems or questions--I'd be
> happy to help!
> Todd
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