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[IP] Severe Hypoglycemia

Hi everyone. Hope you guys can help me out on this one.

My very soon-to-be husband just went to the doctors complaining of what I 
told him sounded like low blood sugar symptoms. We started using my meter adn 
realized that his blood sugars were always low.  He then was told to get a 3 
hour glucose fasting test done.  After the first hour he drooped down to 54 
from 177.  Then only bounced back up to 77 after the whole test. The primary 
doc is sending him to an endocrinologist. Now my question is.. is there any 
other treatment for hypoglycemia (severe, chronic) than what we are told to 
do.. Watch what you eat, treat lows with carbohydrates, etc.  If there is or 
anyone has any experiences with this please write back...  Or if anyone knows 
of any other treatments or ways of attacking this. Or even if what could be 
causing this???


Carrie Colleran
Pumping since 12/99 dxd 3/87
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