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Re: [IP] Re: Medical advice


Michael wrote:

> > Stepping away and getting into black and white (and A.R.)......
> > Isn't telling someone to go on the pump so they will get better BGs
> > medical advice?
> Not really, it is very informative and helpful to relate what works
> for you and what you have tried and why. The same information can be
> conveyed without saying "do this, do that..." Most, if not all of the
> reponses in this forum usually take form of a description of what the
> person has been doing to solve a particular problem or what they
> relate about someone else solving the problem. That is not the same
> as telling someone to do something directly. Therein lies the
> difference between education and "direction", the passing of
> information that may be useful and "telling someone what to do". It
> is one thing to relate information based on first hand knowledge and
> entirely another to put yourself forward intentionally or otherwise
> as "knowledgeable" on a particular subject or field.
> I can tell you all sorts of things that I've experienced with my
> daughter relating to managing diabetes for an adolescent. Her endo
> can tell you what you should do to manage your own diabetes. We might
> both impart the same knowledge, however I am simply telling a story
> and the endo is prescribing treatment. There is a big difference.
> In the first case, it's up to you to decide if what I'm saying is
> reasonable and if you wish to use the information in some way or
> another. In the second case, you rely upon the expertise of a
> trained, certified, liscensed professional to tell you what is
> necessary in the absence of knowledge of your own. I would simply be
> relating historical information, the endo is practising medicine.
> Which information from either source you find more relevant, useful
> or accurate is, of course, up to you :-)

I am not arguing with your previous statements.

I was reflecting on messages that are in various lists (including this
one).  There are more than a few messages that appear to be "direction" and
have no reference to the personal experience.

And at times, "attempting" to convince someone to change their (personal)
decision, may be very close to medical...

"I do this" and "do this" have very different implications...

Getting philosophical again,

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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