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Re: [IP] Re: Medical advice

Since I am a person who only uses black/white, on/off, yes/no, high/lows, 
debit/credit, poor/rich,control,no control type of thinking in making a 
decisions I must say, pumping Humalog/shooting nph, go with pumping - it 
doesnt take a degree to figure out nph has a mind of its own, and is a 
bi-polar type of insulin.  

Kap might have control w/ 6-8 shots per day, but why take that road, when 
pumping insulin is a sooo much better route.  Because it takes the guess work 
out of NPH.
Take my Advice from Common Sense as a MOM not Horse Sense of NPH.
I didn't take medical advice - "No pump until 13 years old."
Went with Common Sense - Control started with pumping straight humalog.
>From my point of view, some endos should have license pulled for not 
practicing medicine and putting my child through sheer hell! Personally, I 
think when a endo writes Rx for an insulin my child never used doesnt have 
his mind on my son's health.  Not once, but two times in a row for different 
types of insulin.  Ole Please, Dont Go There!  So, I guess he was PRACTICING, 
 but I am so happy to find a professional endo that started Kap on the road 
to better living physical and mentally! 
One visit, which Kap was way out of control and I had ?s he said the visits 
were for social reason, not ?s and As,.  Well with pumping we finally reached 
the social visit status.  And also, calling in just to say Hi and all is 
Thanks for Listening to MY Venting!
Thanks for this List of Common Sense - Reality of Life is Insulin Pumping List
Mom to Kap - age -9 - pumping and Living Normal Life
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