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Re: [IP] need math help with V/H mix

> I think I accidentally did an incorrect cartridge mix with
> Velosulin/Humalog. this might explain geneva's three days of being
> on the low side.
> could someone tell me what ratio I used?
> about 100 units Humalog
>     "      40 units Velosulin
> is this close to 3:1 ratio    (H/V)

You must differentiate between ratio and proportion

Ratio would be the fraction of a single part to the whole

i.e. for the V it would be 40/140

as opposed to the proportions which are 
100 parts H & 40 parts V
same as
10 parts H & 4 parts V
sames as
5 parts H and 2 parts V
same as
2.5 Parts H and 1 part V

Generally on the list we speak of the proportions of the various 
insulin components in the mix. The charts on the about page are based 
on the above.

The result of using the above mix when you think you are using 
something with more H and less V would probably be a higher than 
expected post-prandial bg followed by a lower than expected bg 
several hours later. See the graph at:

on this graph you have more V (blue) than you intended and less 

The graph may be accessed again by going to the LINKS page of the 
site in the Humalog section and clicking on:

"Humalogr/Humulin R insulin level curves" shows difference from 
Humalogr to Regular insulin 

The response of V is very similar to Humulin R
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