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Re: [IP] total basal amounts-was What am I? :-)


Laura Arns wrote:

> >This also applies to a non insulin resistant type I being within plus or >minus 20% of the calculated number.  (This does assume nothing else is >affecting the BGs.)
> >weight in pounds/2.2 pounds per kilogram times 0.5 = (was basal think should be) total insulin (+- 20%)
> Maybe I am just confused, but I tried this calculation for Shane. The
> number I got was more than twice his total daily amount of basal
> insulin. (even considering the 20%). In fact it was higher than his
> total insulin including boluses.  He is not doing anything (like heavy
> exercise) that could be burning up THAT many carbs. Have others found
> that this calculation works for them?
> Laura

With your question I think that it should have been total insulin.....  Back when I really needed it (1985), I had been taking over 70 units of insulin a day.  The
numbers gave me a theroetical weight of 300 pounds for that amount of insulin - and at the time I only weighed 150.

I messed up.....

Anyone have "Diabetes, The Glucograf Method" hanging around to check that it was total?..

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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