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Re: [IP] Update on frozen sticks

At 11:34 AM 2/1/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>jan hughey wrote:
> >
> > I called my lawyer who gave me the state ins. comissioner's phone number to
> > complain about the 700 frozen Comfort Curves/Ketostix. Talked to that 
> office
> > today and IT'S MY FAULT. I must stay home (2-3 weeks) when ordering a new
> > scrip so I can accept delivery -- or tell someone I won't be home.

One thing you can do is have them send it and require a signature to accept 
it.  This would cost a little more on delivery but at least you or your 
neighbors would have it.

I had insulin delivered to my house during the summer and the mail person 
refused to leave it in the Mail box  (thank god) because it was a little 
over 110 degrees so she called the company that mailed it and found out who 
the insurance was then what company my dad worked for and she delivered it 
to the company office here..  It took allot of leg work on her part but she 
said she did not know what it was and did not want the heat to make it go bad.

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