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[IP] yet another basal question!?

In response to one list members request for advise on changing basal 
rates.....  It would be really helpful if you sat down with a book 
like "Pumping Insulin", and read some of the HOWTO's on our web page, 
concerning blood sugar control, setting basal rates and ratios. It is 
especially important that you also talk to your doctor, CDE and 
others on your medical team.

Insulin Pumpers is here to allow us to share our ideas and solutions 
to problems we have encountered in insulin pumping.  The forum is a 
place for us to share our personal experiences, not for dispensing 
medical advice (which has caused lists to be shut down in the past).
Just so that everyone understands, Insulin Pumpers (and the list) 
are prohibited by the Medical Honor Code, to which we subscribe, from 
providing medical advice (click on the HON icon at the bottom of the 
main web page). So please keep all of this in mind when posting your 
questions AND answers to the list. WHY? it's potentially dangerous to 
accept medical advise from anyone, except from (maybe "even") your 
medical team, without a good understanding of the consequences and 
ramifications of using that advise.

The best advise we can give is "educate yourself first".

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