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Re: [IP] Update on frozen sticks

> I called my lawyer who gave me the state ins. comissioner's phone
> number to complain about the 700 frozen Comfort Curves/Ketostix.
> Talked to that office today and IT'S MY FAULT. I must stay home (2-3
> weeks) when ordering a new scrip so I can accept delivery

Don't do it this way, first get the recommended shipping and handling 
procedures from the manufacturer. I think you will find that with 
those in hand, that the shipper will have violated the recommended 
procedures. Now you have them in the position of "defending" their 
methods instead of attacking you for not being home. 

for example... The makers of insulin absolve themselves of 
responsibility for the quality of their product once it leaves there 
wharehouse, however they have stringent guidelines about the storage 
and shipment of the products. While these guidelines are voluntary, 
those middlemen that do not adhere to the guidelines can be easily 
accused of being negligent and endangering the health of their 
customers -- something they do not want to be accused of much less 
found guilty of.... Try another approach with your argument, I think 
you will find it works better. Talk to the strip mfg'r.
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