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Re: [IP] What am I? :-)


Maureen Reagan wrote:

> but the above
> >line makes me think you are going in the wrong direction.  If your numbers
> >are going higher and are stubborn to come down, that make me think you are
> >rebounding.  This definitely would cause the rollercoaster you described.
> >Have you considered reducing the amount you take a little and see what
> >happens?  I am starting to think I should do that with my nighttime basal
> >since I can't seem to shake the high morning numbers no matter how much I
> >increase.
> LOL, I'm not a doctor but I play one on myself constantly.  :-)  Thanks for
> the laugh, I need it today (one of those days).
> That is exactly what I said to him in my email.  Should I try decreasing my
> carb ratio to see if that works.  I'm famous for my bouncing ablities.  And
> I can tolerate huge amounts of insulin (I got up to about 140 units per
> day... got down to 50 with fairly decent control (down to about 70 on
> shots, then 50 after pumping), now up to 70 and worse... hmmm is this
> telling me something?)  There might or might not be a thyroid issue in here
> (I keep asking but haven't even got acknowledgement of asking).  I always
> question if there is something about ME that is preventing or hindering
> getting good advice from docs.  I've found one internist that I love.  But
> she prefers that I deal with the endo for pump things... understandably.

One thing that I still remember from Dr. Bernstein's first book was a
calculation for the basal insulin for a non-diabetic.  This also applies to a
non insulin resistant type I being within plus or minus 20% of the calculated
number.  (This does assume nothing else is affecting the BGs.)

weight in pounds/2.2 pounds per kilogram times 0.5 = basal insulin (+- 20%)

hmmmmm - NOW I know why usually don't give basal amounts - Do you weigh about
_____ pounds?   <big grin>

Being more serious, the basal amount at any time during the day does affect the
carb ratio during that time.  If this was quantifiable it would be fantasic,
BUT it isn't.

I believe much of the frustration is from believing if we just look hard enough
(or work hard enough, or...) we will be able to find "THE ANSWER"....

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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