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Re: [IP] Sites

> maybe ice will help.
> ruth

I "iced" my first 2x and it was such a big deal that I stopped the ice. 

The first time I changed my site, by myself, iced, I left the needle
protector on and I couldn't understand why the needle wouldn't go in.  I
was numb from the ice and was flipping out.  Then when I finally
realized what I was doing, I inserted the needle, the adhesive didn't
stick, the pump fell and the infusion set was pulled out.  This is after
a couple of hours of working at this.  I took a 2 hour nap and then
inserted the needle, without ice.  I am sure it would be quite comical
if I could play back the tape today.

You guys must think that I am pathetic but I will get over this. 
Injections must have bothered me in the beginning and I got over it. 
Thank you for your input and I will stop being such a baby...
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