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Re: [IP] tend to overeat when low

Nancy, the reason is that the brain has no energy; it's got pleny of
oxygen.  It's primary energy source is glucose.  The hunger drive is pretty
strong, and boy does it ever taste soo goood!    But all I was saying is
that if you load up, the rise in BG is a bit quicker than if you just eat
enough to bring your BG up to 100.

<<<<<<<I don't remember what it is called, but there is a reason why we
overeat when low.  It has something to so with the brains lack of oxgyen.
It is not something we can help.  I went a long time thinking it was just
me.  Then I read somewhere that we can't help it.  I guess too it would
have something to do with the fact that we still feel so crappy.  At that
time most of us aren't able to think on our own anyhow so how can we tell
ourselves to quit eating when its all we can do to get the food to the
mouth.  If you have someone near you tell them if you have a reaction to
tell you to stop eating after it seems that you have eaten enough.  Of
course, if your like me I told my Sig. other I Know your trying to kill,
because you know I have to eat when I'm like this.  A threat was then made
to call the E-squad and I settled down for about a minute.
Anyhow your not alone and it is perfectly natural for the brain to do this
us.  What makes matters worse is that right now we know all, but just let
that sugar go down and we can't think at all for ourselves.

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