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Re: [IP] living in Ann Arbor

I just moved away from Ann Arbor.  I had MCare insurance, and my endo was
Dr. Robert Lash, he is from the University, and I saw him at Briarwood.
He was a good endo, got me on the pump, but he was so busy that it took
him many months to write the letter of medical necessity.  The pump
training was nonexistant, harmful if anything, and I would definitely not
recommend getting supplies through Home Med infusion company, which MCare
contracted out.  Specifically I had GradCare through MCare, and test
strips, lancets, and pump supplies were all free.  Good deal eh?  Who knew
that they only *leased* insulin pumps instead of buying them.  I'm still
waiting to hear their policy on lease vs. buy when it comes to things like
pacemakers and prosthetics.  Overall U of M is great, but their health
insurance needs some refining.


On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Ali Lekach wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I just moved from New Jersey to Ann
> Arbor, MI about three weeks ago and I am looking for
> anyone familiar with the area to reccomend some good
> doctors and explain what type of coverage I'm looking
> at for my diabetes supplies.  MI has not enacted the
> Diabetes Act and so I'm concerned that things like
> pump supplies and test strips may not be covered.  I'm
> not sure as to what insurance company I'll be dealing
> with yet... I start work at the Univ. of Michigan on
> Monday.  Any responses are greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks!

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