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[IP] Fw: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #883

Subject: [IP] Ace Inhibitors

As a result he put me on an ace inhibitor ( Altace 2.5mg
once a day ).  I was just wondering if anyone else takes this medication,
and if the results have been good?  ( And I am only 21 years
old ).  .  Anyway... I would like to hear someone else's view on this. 

dx'd age 16
pumping since 12/99

I was put on Avapro back in the fall.  It is not a true ACE inhibitor but
it does the same thing.  I was having trouble with fluid retetion in the
summer and my CDE thought it might just be the hot weather.  She ordered
lab work on me and it couldn't be prefromed becasue the lab said my blood
was too thick.?????Who knows? So we waited until the fall and cooler temps
to see if the swelling and the BP would go down with the cooler weather and
it didn't.  I'm 27 by the way.  I was first put on a real ACE inhibitor
which gave me a drycough and my CDE didn't like that since I wasn't sick
and I was put on AVAPRO.  It works well for me.  I always know when I
didn't take my daily dose because My hands start to swell.   And if anyone
is wondering why my CDE is pr3scribing all these drugs, She is a Nurse
pratictioner as well as CDE.  I guess that's one more way for the ARMY to
cut costs in health care.

Pumping @Ft.Bragg 4weeks
Sheila Morris 
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