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[IP] I don't know about this techinque

Up until this suggestion, I've pretty much been okay with what my endo
suggests/tells me what to do.  Now he gave me this suggestion today, and
every ounce of what I have learned about diabetes, and my mind tells me
"no, No, NO, and NO!!! This will not work do not try it!!!  You will feel
like crap!!!"

Since starting the pump, my A1c's have not been where I've wanted them to
be, and my numbers have been on a rollercoaster (before they were a
superball, it is a million times better pumping, I just want even more... I
am envious of some post of how good of control some people have).  Anyhow,
last week my endo increased how much insulin I take per gram of carb.  And
my blood sugars went higher, and would often be stubburn about coming down.
 I emailed him that this did not work and my numbers.  The reply was, since
I'm just estimating my bolus for how much carb I eat (which I somewhat
agree somewhat disagree... I'm very accurate at carb counting, but it often
doesn't work... been with the dietian and she has verified my accuracy at
the counting part) that I should NOT bolus for my food at all, just what my
blood sugar is.  The sliding scale was exactly the same that I'm using to
correct highs (which has been working really well until I the change in
carb ratio, then I've just been all weird).  I just do not see how this
will help me.  It makes no sense.  I would rather check my bg before I eat,
bolus (as best I can) and test a hour and a half later (from repeated
experiments, H is gone for me in this amount of time unless it is a really
big bolus) to see how well it worked, then correct.  It seems like a lot of
testing, but I've been doing about that anyhow lately.  His idea just
doesn't fit my thinking.  Am I missing something?  I'm going to email him
to ask why.  When I get into too many "why" questions, I know he just
responds, I'll explain it at your next appointment (which isn't until the
middle of May, and I'm certainly not waiting that long... and I got the
first available appointment, this was a few weeks ago).

Very confused... but listens to herself and questions everyone (including
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