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[IP] Friend's 10 yo nephew considering pump

Hi Everyone,

 A friend of mine has a nephew who is considering pump therapy.  I believe
he is 10.  Was dx about 1 - 1.5 years ago.  Does his own shots.  On 2x a day
shots.  Checks own sugar.  Calculates own doses.  Sounds pretty autonomous
to me.  Is there any information or websites I can point her to so she can
gather info to make a case for the pump with her nephew's endo (or decide it
is not what they want right now)?

Kyle's appt with his endo is next week.  I told her I could meet with her
family to give them some info, and loan them my MiniMed video.  I told her
about the two main pump manufacturers and the highlights of each.  Kyle is a
stick, so I assume he would use the tenders/silhouettes.  Unfortunately, I
know little about kids and pumps.  He also plays football and is worried
about pumping interfering.  I told her I was sure it wouldn't.  Probably
make everything easier to manage.

Ellen Compell (31) - Type II (insulin only)
MiniMed 507C since 1998
email @ redacted
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