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Re: [IP] Glucose Gel

> >> I agree that those glucose gel tubes are nice
> Does anyone know if these things would survive in the cold? Would they
> freeze? If so, could you still eat them? I am looking for something to
> put in Shane's "car kit" for when he has lows. Right now he has little
> rolls of smarties, but he ends up just eating them for snacks (not low
> related)! He also has glucose tabs but he really hates them, and
> sometimes the lid is hard to get off, especially when low. Someone
> mentioned that the gel tubes are very easy to open...

Oh man, I wouldn't have the glucose gel if you paid me. That stuff is just
downright awful. I, for one, keep glucose tablets in the car. The tablets
don't taste too bad, but they aren't good enough for me to just eat for a
snack. In the warmer months, I keep 4oz juice boxes in the car.


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