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Re: [IP] Re: Fat guts!

In a message dated 01/31/2000 4:41:55 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Gotta throw in my 2 cents worth too.  I have always had a "fat gut" as a 
child, a teen, and up to now (39 y/o) no matter how skinny, it still pouched 
out a little.  My mom prefered to call it "pleasantly plump". And I think 
there is a relationship between type 2 or insulin resistence and this middle 
buldge since both run in my family and I am (or was) an insulin resistant 
type 1.

I say WAS because my insulin resistence has gone down dramatically since I 
started exercising intensively last September and almost eliminating fat from 
my diet.  I do weight training 3x week for 90/min each time, and 
aerobic/cardio workout 6 days a week.  I have lost a total of 21 lbs so far, 
and gone from 42% body fat to 22%. Size 16 to Size 10. And lo and behold I 
have lost 7 inches off by belly!!!   The fat gut that wouldn't come off, is 
coming off.  It just takes a *&^#$*## lot of work.

Just another opinion and as we all know YMMV,

<< >The only reason pumpers or anybody else [non diabetics]have fat
 >is due to the fat they consume. To much fat goes right to the gut & shows up
 >here first. >>
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