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Re: [IP] retinopathy

Hi all:

I agree with Todd. I've had proliferative retinopathy in both eyes also
since 1980 or perhaps even a little earlier. I was referred to Dr. Donald
Grover, a retinopathy specialist at the University of Rochester (NY) Medical
Center. When he recommended retinopathy, I asked about a second oponion and
ended up going to eye research institute/clinic associated with the
Scheppens Eye Research Institute in Boston. They gave me a day-long battery
of tests but basically confirmed my opthamologist's recommendations. Since
then I  have had quite a few laser treatments by Dr. Grover along with a few
minor bleeds (although they always look worse to me than the doctor...).
However, after twenty years of retinopathy I still have 20/20 vision in both
eyes and reasonably good night vision. Things aren't perfect but they could
have been a lot worse.

I didn't see the original message that Todd was responding to but I do agree
that while its scary, the current treatments along with working closely with
a good opthamologist be very effective!

Good luck!

- Peter

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> Hi Eileen and Janice,
> I was diagnosed with retinopathy in 1980.  Yes, it is scary, esp. the
> hemorhages (sp!).  But the key is to make sure you are with a
> retinopathy specialist.  My doctor (Dr. Schockett, formerly of the
> University of Maryland, now private) has treated me since that time, and
> has done a fabulous job.  I had proliferative retinopathy in both eyes,
> have had over 50 laser treatments, vitrectomy, sclerobuckle (Sp.) and
> cryotherapy in three major operations in both eyes.  At times my doctor
> thought that I might lose my sight completely.  But I haven't!  I have
> no peripheral vision, and horrible night vision, but I can see!
> Everything is in remission currently.
> I have taught Old Testament and Hebrew for the past 23 years, so without
> fairly good eyesight, things would be tough. I've recently had my second
> cataract surgery (I'm only 47), but that was a piece of cake compared to
> the other surgeries.  In 1980, when first diagnosed, I was 27.  My major
> problems were from 1980-1986 (27-33 yrs old).  I say that to encourage
> you that at 32 you are not alone!  Many diabetics with retinopathy have
> far fewer problems than I did, and just require some preventative laser
> treatments.  So, while yes it is scary, don't despair!  Most folks these
> days who are diagnosed early enough with retinopathy have success
> stories like mine or better.
> Please feel free to email me with any problems or questions--I'd be
> happy to help!
> Todd
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