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Re: [IP] tend to overeat when low

so, while we're on the subject.... the other night i had a small pasta
dinner (a meal i eat frequently and bolused appropriately for... my
pre-prandial bg was 92)  so i go blithely along, and around 11:30 when i
was getting ready for bed i checked my bg (as usual)  it was 68... so i
had a snack (i don't like going to sleep that low...)  15g of carb...  a
friend called me long distance and we stayed up late talking, so it wasn't
till nearly 1am that i actually was getting around to going to sleep....
so i checked my bg again, just to be sure... (thank goodness!)  it was
29!!!!!  what gives????  no symptoms, nothing...  i went to the kitchen
and started stuffing my face!  in the morning i was 206... but i think i
consumed close to 75g of carb, when i had the 29....  i think i got all
the insulin everyone on the list was firing off into black holes last
week...  that really scared the bejeezus out of me....

any theories????


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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