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Re: [IP] Ace Inhibitors

   This question comes up fairly often here, so I'm cutting & pasting a reply 
I wrote a few wks ago when it was last posed:
    My 17 yr old daughter has been on ACE inhibitors for 2 1/2 yrs. She takes 
10 mg. of Vasotec (there about 5 different types which essentially all do the 
same thing). She just started with a new endo, so we had to review her old 
records & I did notice that her bp prior to starting the meds was 90/60- 
which is exactly where it still is. Apparently, in normotensive ( as opposed 
to hypertensive pts. for whom these meds were originally intended) patients, 
the ACE inhibitors don't affect the bp. As for bg control, we never noticed 
any adverse effect at all, but she DID see an 80% drop in the amount of 
protein in her 24 hour urine test!...and that result was consistent a full 
year later & will hopefully be so again this spring. 

Regards, Renee 
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