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[IP] Dual/Square Wave Boluses

We are getting brave and wondering if anyone could direct me on where to find 
information on the Dual Wave and Square Wave Boluses.  Our 2nd visit with the 
person who trained us was cancelled due to the 15 inches of snow we got last 
week, and I haven't rescheduled.  We go to the endo on Thurs, so I will ask 
him, but was hoping to have a little understanding (so I don't look totally 
ignorant) when I go.  Even if you could point me in the direction of where to 
look for information.  I didn't really see anything that explains the details 
of how and why to use it in the Minimed Pump Book.  Just directions on how to 
activate it.  Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right place.  Any help would 
be appreciated! 
Susan (mom to Allie, 11 - pumping 5 weeks)
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