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RE: [IP] Lipohypertrophy

I also have had problems with lipohypertrophy.  After years of only
injecting in my legs and stomach, I was definitely seeing problems.  When I
went to college and played volleyball I started only injecting in my stomach
(brilliant idea I admit), the lumps on my legs after a few months went away.
But the lumps on my stomach got much much worse. More recently when I went
on the pump I stopped using the area of my stomach just below and two inches
to either side of my belly button.  Instead I have been using my stomach
above the belley button going almost to the rib cage.  Places I never would
have injected.  I also am trying the hip for the first time today.  Over the
two months on the pump, my lemon sized/feeling lumps have slowly dissapeared
and become more quarter sized jello feeling.  Hoping they will go away all
together also.  I know there have been a lot of jokes lately about
lipohypertrophy being the reason for peoples clothes shrinking, but I kid
you not.  I haven't lost any weight, but I have gone down a pant size due to
the loss of tough lumps around my stomach.  

-- Sherry
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