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[IP] topical Tigan - control vomiting and nausea

This past weekend, my family attended a Family Diabetes Weekend at  Boggy 
Creek Camp  (http://www.boggycreek.org).

The ped endo at Boggy Creek Camp said that he suggests patients (with 
prescription of course) have "topical Tigan" made for their child.  He sends 
his patients parents to small pharmacists who are willing to make the 
compound.  That way they can rub this topical Tigan on the  inside of the 
wrist etc. to control nausea and vomiting when a child is ill, rather than 
trying to insert a suppository   He showed us an example of it made at the 
Orlando pharmacist he uses locally.   He said that it only lasts for 2 months 
but, it's great. 

Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Advocate for children with diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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