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Re: [IP] A1c info. from Diabetes.com

>  I was reprimanded by my endo for having an A1c of 8!  What
> are we to make of this?!?!?!
>  Many studies have shown that keeping
> HbA1c level at 8.1% or less helps prevent diabetes-related complications."

The most common figures I've heard are that the participants in the DCCT
were aiming for 7.1 and achieved 7.55 -- and that complications were
reduced, but NOT eliminated. 

I've also seen charts that show that the incidence of retinopathy rises
rapidly with A1cs over 6.1.

On the other hand, the ADA advocates taking action only when A1cs are
over 8.0, and that may be where this article got its figure from. 

Personally, I'm on your endo's side -- I think an A1c of 8 is too high.
The REAL goal of diabetes control is to keep your A1c as close to normal
as possible without having many or severe hypos. That means keeping it
as close to 6 or below as possible (given the hypo restriction!). 

One endo, Dr. Bernstein (who wrote a book advocating a low-carb diet)
feels that even 5.0 is too high, and says to aim for about 4.5, because
that's what non-diabetics typically run at when you exclude the ones who
are on the road to developing Type 2. 

I don't think that an A1c of 4.5 is realistic for most people, but I do
think that at least getting  below 8.0 is possible for most adults (for
teenagers, all bets are off!!).

But the fact is that you have to work at it, and work hard -- when I
read all the posts from the pregnant ladies, I can see how hard they
work -- and whether you want to work that hard is up to you!

As they say on another list, "My body, my science experiment!"

Good luck! 
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