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[IP] Does anyone have a Precision QID or Precision Xtra?

Subject: [IP] Does anyone have a Precision QID or Precision Xtra?

I got a letter from my ins co (Aetna US
Healthcare) and they said for me to have my strip
covered under their "formulary"(regular cost
prescription) that I had to switch to one of
these.  Right now I get strips for my Accuchek
Complete through them but pay $25 every month. 
If I go with the new meter I can get my strips
for $12 a month(same cost as other scripts).  I
just wanted to know if anyone had one of these
meters and if they like it.  Is it downloadable
so I can print reports off for my endo?  Is it
easy to use?  Does it take a very big drop of
blood?  If you have the Xtra is it easy to use to
test ketones?  Any info would be very much
appreciated.  By the way the insurance company is
willing to send either meter to me at no cost.
I have the precision extra and like it very much, the case is'nt great for
the strips and should be better designed,it can be down loaded the'll
probabbly send you the software thru your cde or her medisense rep. my
gripe is that it doesn't remember the calibrations for ketones or glucose,
it needs to be recalibrated, also a design feature i don't think was well
thought out. the strips are a little hard to get out of their foil packs.
if you have a meter you like, have your doc prescribe it with the strips.
then present it to your insurance company they are required to cover it.
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