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[IP] Todd's Paralyss

For those of you with experience with Todd's Paralysis, how long does it
last?  And is it possible to have it without signs of a severe low blood
sugar?  I'm wondering because my daughter, Kayla, may have had Todd's
Paralysis, but her doctor doesn't think so because he said she would
have rebounded with high blood sugars (she didn't) and because she threw
up.  We had a terrible scare and ended up in the ER with a million
dollar neurology work-up.  CAT scan was negative, MRI was negative, EKG
was normal, only the EEG showed anything - swelling on the left side of
the brain.  She lost functioning on the right side of her body and her
speech was slurred.  She slowly regained everything and after about 11
hours she was back to normal.  Any insight into Todd's Paralysis from
those who have exoerienced it would be helpful.

Kayla's mom
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Todd's Paralysis is always temporary. it is a condition which occurs after
a seizure, usually focal occurs. the reasons are not known. but many
explanations are often advanced without any scientific reason or evidence.
mostly what we call neuromythology.an EEG can only show changes in brain
rhythms and these are not translatable to any condition such as swelling.
in any condition like todd's paralysis, the EEG often shows slowing on the
side opposite the paralysis. it just means the brain isn't working properly
nothing more on that side which you already know because of the paralysis.
In cases of high or low blood sugar seizures are quite common and many
cases of diabetes present with seizures in the er. my appitite for any
workup is not aroused by todd's paralysis since i saw several dka in kids
and young adults present with a seizure. a neurological workup is a waste
of money, when you hear horses hoves in central park, don't think of
zebras. the reason for a seizure here was lack of glucose or too much
glucose. an article about this appears years ago  in Neurology by Gupta, D.
R. and others. I think Strobos was an author as well. Since the Todd's
paralysis went away, as they do, their is nothing to be concerned about, If
you have further concerns write me off list. I'd guess Kayla is right
handed since her speech was slurred. Todd was an old neurologist who
described this condition. spot 
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