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[IP] humulog duration

> Thats because Humalog actually peaks in 2 hours. It *starts* working in 15

what do they mean by 'PEAK"?  i mean, i know what peak means, but all the 
books you read, even the pumping insulin one, says that at three hours you 
are usually your lowest from your bolus.......... so by peak, do they mean at 
two hours it is having it's strongest effect as far as half life goes, 
etc.......... i would think peak means when it brings your sugar down the 
most, and for me--and maybe just me-- it's usually at three hours....... and 
i think that's why they say when you are figuring out your unused insulin to 
wait until after the three hours.........
i dont know......... i'm getting frustrated now because it seems like at 
nighttime i can give and give and give boluses and my sugar stays over 
200...... i dont understand!!!!!!!!!!!
very frustrated,
--------------------------snip kisses and hugs omitted--------------------
humulog has a duration of 8 hours according to Lilley's package insert.
they claim that flipping the two amino acds B(28) and B(29) leads to more
rapid onset of action this allows the b chain to fold and get into the
cells faster. but, just because it gets into cells faster. doesn't mean
it's action lasts a shorter duration. it lasts just as long. another
consideration is the tail of action. if you are very insulin sensitive you
dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that even a small amount of
insulin can exert a profound effect on blood sugar. the rule of 1500, 1800
etc just can't be relied on to give accurate information in these cases. if
ost of the insulin has acted in the first hour and you are real sensitive
the tail can come back and bite you. my cousin complaine that humulog is
unreliable and too powerful for her, she is real sensitive so the tail of
its activity is really significant for her. spot
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