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[IP] A1c info. from Diabetes.com

Not quite sure if this information is up to par.  Found it on
www.diabetes.com.  I was reprimanded by my endo for having an A1c of 8!  What
are we to make of this?!?!?!

"Glycosylated hemoglobin forms when hemoglobin molecules, which are found in
red blood cells, link up with glucose molecules. The more glucose in the
blood, the more hemoglobin becomes glycosylated. Once glycosylated, hemoglobin
stays that way until the red blood cell dies -- about 120 days. By measuring
the amount of glycosylated hemoglobin in your blood, the HbA1c test can thus
determine your average blood glucose level for the previous two to three

The result is given as a percentage. People who don't have diabetes typically
have HbA1c readings of about 4% to 5.5%. Many studies have shown that keeping
HbA1c level at 8.1% or less helps prevent diabetes-related complications."
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