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[IP] Bagels

Andrew Bender, M. D. wrote:

> spot says, yech! no real bagels exist outside of  NYC these are ersatz
> bagels no? Besides:Manitowoc Wisconsin, isnt that where they make paper
> towels?  just remember each bagel is = to 4 slices of bread, so they really
> have to be good, actually they have to be great to waste that many carbs on
> iif ya gottem on Jerome ave in the bronx or on the East Side of NYC yes,
> then they are bagels, elsewhere in the US they are ersatz. its like getting
> real rye bread west of the Misissippi River. or south of the mason-dixon line

There are good bagels to be had in Los Angeles. Probably in San
Francisco Bay Area, too.

Definition of good bagels partly depends on what you expect from a bagel
-- which partly depends on whether you were raised on them, or consider
them a trendy new food that comes in a variety of fruit and cinnamon

If you're talking about a good old-fashioned Jewish bagel, then they've
GOT to have a lot of carbs -- I usually count about 60 grams for one
bagel (and of course, I hafta eat the whole thing!!) I've still never
found anything to match the creamy rich egg bagels my mother used to get
when I was a child, but there are a few that come close. The ones with
onions or poppy seeds or rock salt were good, too!

As far as blueberry, or apple-cinnamon-raisin, I echo spot:  YECH!! 
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